Welcome to the Land of MOnkey. This theme camp came into being in 2013 as Sun Guardians, which lasted for 5 years. Then in 2018 we tried something different by opening Monkey Bar and changing our offerings to Black Rock City. So, from 2013 to 2017 we were a camp that primarily offered yoga and meditation  while offering a tea service alongside of it all. In 2018 we tried making a tea bar our whole operation.

Our camp has traditionally attracted typically amazing people from all over the spectrum and the world. We are usually connected to the Queerborhood which is the unofficial LGBTQ part of Burning Man in the 7:30 sector and have a high proportion of the camp identified as same. It is absolutely vital that all participants feel safe in camp and people honor boundaries and always keep a watchful eye for each other and our neighbors.

We have a complete meal strategy/plan, shower, shaded camping for most tenters, and a power system. You will be expected to be a part of setup OR breakdown, plus assist in camp with volunteer roles and a meal prep through the week. Everyone in camp is expected to be engaged and helping so all the work does not fall on a few people alone. There are some exceptions for BRC Rangers or anyone else with full-time or other related duties in service to the event.

Join Us

You want to join our camp for Burning Man: Metamorphosis 2019.  The process is basically simple and your job is immediacy and participation. We know everyone cannot be engaged as much as others, but we need people committed to seeing us through.

      1. Read about the camp and what the expectations are to be a part of it
      2. Take inventory of the benefits of joining this camp
      3. Apply using the form <linked here>
      4. Meet / Interview with people from camp for approvalJoin the private Facebook Group and meet your fellow campers (link provided after contacted by a camp lead)
      5. Help with projects and work days as they come up
      6. Join fellow campers for social gatherings
      7. Sign up for volunteer roles, meals, and camp shifts
      8. Will you be part of the Setup Team or the Breakdown Team?
        1. Setup arrives on playa the Friday before the event opens
        2. Breakdown strikes Sunday and departs Monday


2018 Notes

I would like to take a few minutes to reflect on 2018. There were a couple comments about it being unorganized and a bit of a shit show. There is talk about a few people moving on to new camps or starting their own camps. When I see this kind of thing, get feedback that …

New Web Site

This new web site for 2019 is coming together. I wish I had the bandwidth to do this last year. Maybe the message would have not been as muddled as it was. This year I am working on making sure communication is crystal clear.


You can reach us through Facebook. Or, if you want to camp with our camp you can complete the application and we will reach out to you. 

Leadership and Monkey

We have, in the past, relied on top-down leadership with Scott (Toaster) being lead of camp for 6 years. We have had some super and amazing co-leads who have been with us for a couple years at a time and moved on to other camps. Matt was the latest who really stepped up and helped run things. Thankfully Sam, Ray and Knot-O made for great leaders in the past.

2019 means we have to change things. We spread out responsibility and make more people stakeholders in the camp and that means we can relax more and have more fun as well as making sure camp delivers what it promises to its campers AND our guests.

We will need people in camp capable of following through. Since we are reducing camp size for Metamorphosis it will fall on more people to be forward thinking and be present when camp needs have to be met. Everyone deserves to make the most out of their burn and not left on a few to carry the weight of the camp.

What will these roles be and what will they encompass. (link to descriptions)

Camp Design and Theme in Metamorphosis

We are looking for a final concept for the camps concept before the end of January. Several ideas are in play and will be looking at camp membership to help define our production for camp intending on getting people more invested in the project. That information will appear here when it comes together.


Participants will be broken up into 2 teams on the first layer: Builders and Strikers. Everyone has to be on one team or the other. We have fewer people in camp and are working on a greater strategy.

Builders: will setup camp and arrive on Friday before event opening and commit to working to get camp completed before noon on Sunday. The camp needs to be ready for guests as early as then.

Strikers: agree to stay through Sunday when we do the final load of the truck and depart. We begin breaking down Saturday afternoon.

Camp design will be decided in February and a list of projects for the end of the year will start appearing. Everyone is expected to participate as much as able. Ability and geography considered you may be expected to be present at local meetups.

Meetings are mandatory. So if you miss a meeting you are expected to catch up in the recording and send in a password indicating you completed it. It is ideal you are present and give input, engage, share ideas, and take on a role in the success of it all.

Roles in Camp

With some decentralization of the top down leadership we have had in the past so that getting stuff done is not dependant on a small group of people. Leadership will:

  • Publish a list of daily chores along with what and when these steps must be done
  • Start a volunteer signup sheet that everyone will take shift on a variety of tasks*
  • Work diligently to improve 2-way communication and be clear about needs of campers from leadership and visa versa

Pre Event

Members of camp are expected to help with the overall preparation toward the creation of the camp theme and delivered product Burning Man 2019: Metamorphosis. Work days will be posted and participants are expected to make an effort to help.

Event Week

When we start looking at daily responsibilities the week begins with 2 teams (mentioned previously) as Builders and Strikers. Everyone will be on one team or the other with few exceptions (on a case by case basis).

Many of these roles are defined on the application. But what is hinted at is the need for people to take on more affirmative roles in camp as core leadership.

Core Leadership

Decision makers who can work with a group of people in camp to make policy for all participants on a basis of ___ instead of ways we have worked in the past. Each of these roles will have a lead and those leads will act as the drivers for the camp:

  • Power Lead, Ice Queen, Water Works, Kitchen Lead, Dojo Lead, Tea Lead

Some Responsibilities

Takes on some responsibilities that directly or indirectly supports leads in core leadership. This can include but no limited to:

  • Daily cleanup in the kitchen, Dojo cleaning, Drink maintenance, Ice Runner and more
  • Truck Drivers (2)


Includes everyone in camp. We require some duties that will keep some people in camp when they want to be elsewhere. If this happens to you, it is up to you to get someone to trade with you.

Everyone will sign up for a volunteer role at least once daily. Core Leadership will follow the general participants on the list; meaning that everyone outside of Core Leadership has to take on volunteer roles/shifts first.

Post Event

Strikers and some leadership will rally after the truck is packed and back in Reno to off-load it and put all items into the unit.

Post event works like this: whether we leave Sunday or Monday the truck is off loaded on Tuesday, items cleaned as best as possible, and stowed away. Some items will head back to the Bay Area depending on what they are.