What inspires Monkey? Where do we come from? Who are we? Are you Monkey? 

The Land Of Monkey is a theme camp with a mission of providing yoga, meditation and other amazing gifts to Black Rock City in the best way we can. Our campers will provide tea before and after events. In some cases the bar will be open during things we call Monkey Talks and more. 

Want to join camp check the JOIN ME page. See Blogs for more info about the bits and pieces of camp info. Much more follows once you have joined camp.

The interview will cover a good many wonderful things. We offer the goodies at the burn, but it is super important that you understand this is a theme camp and we are offering a service (a gift). 

Where did the Land Of Monkey come from?

In our previous incarnation as Sun Guardians the camp came from inspiration out of music by an Bay Area artist named MC Yogi whose Elephant Power album rocked my world. It came to me through Las Vegas yoga instructor who brought Rootist Yoga into our camp. He has taught yoga in our camp every year. 

In 2018 we took on a new identity also inspired through music. This was by a group called the Gorrillaz and their 90’s Dare album. 

Join Us

You want to join our camp for Burning Man: Metamorphosis 2019.  The process is basically simple and your job is immediacy and participation. We know everyone cannot be engaged as much as others, but we need people committed to seeing us through.

  1. Read about the camp and what the expectations are to be a part of it
  2. Take inventory of the benefits of joining this camp
  3. Apply using the form <linked here>
  4. Meet / Interview with people from camp for approval
    1. You will have 30 days to get in or get out…
  5. Join the private Facebook Group and meet your fellow campers (link provided after contacted by a camp lead)
  6. Help with projects and work days as they come up
  7. Join fellow campers for social gatherings
  8. Sign up for volunteer roles, meals, and camp shifts
  9. Will you be part of the setup team?
    1. Everyone will help with strike. We strike starting Saturday afternoon/evening

Be prepared… our camp offers a lot to you and our community on the playa.

The Schtick

Welcome to the Land of Monkey. This theme camp came into being in 2013 as Sun Guardians, which lasted for 5 years. Then in 2018 we tried something different by opening Monkey Bar and changing our offerings to Black Rock City. So, from 2013 to 2017 we were a camp that primarily offered yoga and meditation  while offering a tea service alongside of it all. In 2018 we tried making a tea bar our whole operation.

Our camp has traditionally attracted typically amazing people from all over the spectrum and the world. We are usually connected to the Queerborhood which is the unofficial LGBTQ part of Burning Man in the 7:30 sector and have a high proportion of the camp identified as same. It is absolutely vital that all participants feel safe in camp and people honor boundaries and always keep a watchful eye for each other and our neighbors.

We have a complete meal strategy/plan, shower, shaded camping for most tenters, and a power system. You will be expected to be a part of setup OR breakdown, plus assist in camp with volunteer roles and a meal prep through the week. Everyone in camp is expected to be engaged and helping so all the work does not fall on a few people alone. There are some exceptions for BRC Rangers or anyone else with full-time or other related duties in service to the event.

Leadership for 2019

We have, in the past, relied on top-down leadership with Scott (Toaster) being lead of camp for 6 years. We have had some super and amazing co-leads who have been with us for a couple years at a time and moved on to other camps. Matt was the latest who really stepped up and helped run things. Thankfully Sam, Ray and Knot-O made for great leaders in the past.

2019 means we have to change things. We spread out responsibility and make more people stakeholders in the camp and that means we can relax more and have more fun as well as making sure camp delivers what it promises to its campers AND our guests.

We will need people in camp capable of following through. Since we are reducing camp size for Metamorphosis it will fall on more people to be forward thinking and be present when camp needs have to be met. Everyone deserves to make the most out of their burn and not left on a few to carry the weight of the camp.

Important Posts of Note:


Choosing Teams

So you want to camp with Monkeys this year? We are doing something new to make the work/life balance of being on playa better for all. We are a theme camp, which means we have a gift that needs to be staffed that is a given representation of us to the playa. So we have …


You can reach us through Facebook. Or, if you want to camp with our camp you can complete the application and we will reach out to you. 

Monkey Says! FAQ

1) How much am I expected to participate in the camp activities or camp work? I understand that I need to participate for set up or break down and one meal preparation. What other camp-activities/chores are required (e.g. tea service) – are these chores on a fixed schedule or am I free to sign up for them? Background: I am in conversation with Zendo to volunteer for them during Burning Man and hope to have a compatible land of monkey camp schedule with my volunteering at Zendo.
Answer: If you are working with Zendo on a schedule we can be flexible. We would do the same for Gate, Rangers and others. The web site has a section that talks about commitment, but there are exceptions for people with volunteer roles in the city.
Blog Entry 1: Click here
Blog Entry 2: Click here

2) Regarding infrastructure: will I have shade for my tent and my cooler (that is an important question)? Is there a (reasonable) limit on how many showers I can take? What is the lounge space like e.g. is there a space just for camp members, are there couches?
Answer: Shade is first come first serve for camping except for leads. No guarantees on the shade for your tent or the cooler. But you can see the layout on the web site and we can pretty much feel assured everyone will be covered with shade. Showers: do you think a 3 to 5 minute shower once a day is reasonable?

3) Regarding transportation: does the camp fee include my own transportation or transportation of (some of my) stuff? Or would it be possible to get transportation of myself and/or my stuff in return for a fee? (I would love to bring a bike and maybe even a massage table) 
Answer: You need to handle transportation on your own. We are looking at seeing how we can match people up with other people in camp. But not guaranteed. 

4) Regarding location: Is the camp a “placed camp”?  And if yes, what is the address of the camp? What sector is the camp traditionally in?
Answer: We are located at 7:45 & C for 2019

5) How many people do you expect to be in the camp in 2019?
Answer: up to 39ish