1st Meeting of the year

AGENDA (fluid)
I added a couple co-hosts to consider adding to the agenda.

The following is the agenda for out 1st camp meeting of the year this week. There is a lot to talk about. This will allow us to finally close the door from last year and start looking ahead to the future.

Welcome to Monkey 2019 for Burning Man Metamorphosis
1. Who is coming back for 2019
A Have you completed the Camp Application yet?
2. Suggested changes for camp moving forward
A. What did not work in camp
i. Camp Communication needed improvement
ii. Expectations of camp roles need to be better defined
iii. Commitments to volunteer roles and following through
iv. Leadership need to more effectively know its limits
v. A code of conduct
a. No one should be abusive to anyone else in camp
b. Refusing directions from a camp leader is a problem
c. Anyone making another camp member feel uncomfortable is a problem
1. all of the above can get someone kicked out of camp and no refund. 
2. Scott in camp in 2018
d. There are some standards leadership will apply to the application form.
3. 2019
A. What is our focus? Yoga or Tea or… 
i. Suggestions or plans from anyone else in camp?
B. Camp Theme
i. Last year “Monkey Bar” – win or loss
ii. “Temple of Monkey” – Scott
C. Art Car
i. Discussion
4. Budget, Camp Fees, Projects
A. Budget projections early see: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15nZA5OmV_phiGxXLuLM-YY4b9-jN17_81_mhBksdZ-o/edit?usp=sharing
B. Camp fees should be paid as soon as possible. It goes into the bank account and can be viewed on the spreadsheet how it is used. 
i, storage, services, transportation and camp design are all paid for by the camp fee
ii. Fund raiser suggestion

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