2018 Notes

I would like to take a few minutes to reflect on 2018. There were a couple comments about it being unorganized and a bit of a shit show. There is talk about a few people moving on to new camps or starting their own camps. When I see this kind of thing, get feedback that cuts, it allows me to step back and decompress AND consider what we can do better in the future.

I own that I had moments of assholiness as I tried to make some things happen. I have on occasion crossed a line that would be appropriate. This is why I am so grateful to the people who are leads who have the power to tell me to take a walk. Heavy is the head? Right. But that is not permit to poor behavior.

Consider that as we prepared to go to BM in 2018 we had some problems. Among them, was too many moving parts. Between the art car and new storage needs we were changing our branding it became convoluted. Perhaps it was too much for camp attendees who may have felt overwhelmed.

In 3 cases we had people who took on projects and in the end completely refused to follow through or it was more than they could take on. Some of that was core camp infrastructure items like the shower and water delivery. This is not to call anyone out, but to give perspective how important it is to stay involved.

  • why not let it fail?
    • A: Because in some cases we look very bad to or it leads to a safety hazard for people in and around our camp
    • A: In some cases failing is okay, but losing our good standing means we lose DGS and Placement
  • where were we in danger of losing our good standing?
    • A: The evap pond and excess water
    • A: Frontage failing and our presentation on street engagement

IF I have created something that feels like people cannot feel heard or participate then I need to change. I started that process and feel I am making a new path ahead. But those disenfranchised by it can move forward with me and the camp leadership (as it evolves).

Matt is a much more tempered person than I am and I like to think we balance each other out. Udai is so thoughtful and open and I think he gives us perspective that is very meaningful. New leads this year are going to be more and spread out so responsibility is also dispersed.

And I will say that people move on all the time to other camps and start their own projects. I think people who are inspired to move on all the good luck they can carry because this is not an easy thing to do. I hope to mentor people into taking over entirely so this camp can continue living on even after my days are done.

Thank you all.


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