Choosing Teams

So you want to camp with Monkeys this year? We are doing something new to make the work/life balance of being on playa better for all. We are a theme camp, which means we have a gift that needs to be staffed that is a given representation of us to the playa. So we have broken all the responsibilities in camp down to teams.

example sheet

When you login to the worksheet you will go to page 1 (cover page) and choose a team to be on. We need people to spread themselves out through the teams. Weekly you will have responsibilities with your team listed below that will be yours at the direction of your lead through the week.

2ndly: your team will host events through the week together as explained here (link). Everyone will work about 30 minutes before and after an event to make sure we have full coverage.

3rdly: the camp keepers explained further down.

NEXT: You (and your buddy) need to figure out what meal you are taking over and what your menu items will be. This has got to be done soon because we have a meeting coming up talking about food. Do not make anything wildly complicated and best if you can make and vacuum seal frozen before.

Be radically self reliant and be clean to make sure everyone in camp stays healthy and safe.

What are Camp Keepers?

This is a new role in camp for 2019 who are people who will be sticking close to camp for the day and will support the Mayor of the Day. This includes camp concierge duties (caring for guests) and maintaining the safety of camp day and night. It may include tending a fire of needed; though whomever starts the fire should finish it. You are part of a team of 3 people who will support each other through the day.

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