A new view of camp

Maybe you saw the proposed street view of the camp with the green walls a while back? Since then there have been a couple changes that are pretty relevant. We also had to adjust for weather and spacial needs in the residential area. All compromises intended to make things flow better.

Even the version above had to be altered with concerns over the wind flow that we are anticipating. Couple that with the loss of 50 feet of street we lost but gained going back behind us. Things had to change. 

I do not know who owns this graphic. It was making its rounds on Facebook.

I believe we will be facing Mountain Side like we were last year. Either way I want to be prepared and try and create a solid space safe from the wind. Since wind can blow significantly and we have solid structures it behooves us to just be prepared. 

Assuming the wind is coming in the direction the graphic portrays at the top it will hit our lower right corner graphic shown. The monkey head will bare the most stress from it, so it needs to be positioned solidly. 

And into this… 80 feet across on a 100 foot facade. 

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