From last year to 2019 – New Things!

We have been talking about the new frontage for camp and upgrades. Compare one year from the next and where we want to go. The camp started with a bunch of car ports strung together and alluminette covering the yoga area. We have already progressed quite a lot.

Camp as “Monkey Bar in the Land Of Monkey”in 2018

This (above) is our tale from last year where in we were trying on a new identity. Having been Sun Guardians for 5 years previous we tried just doing tea. Going forward we’re anticipating a much stronger presentation that will carry the camp into the future.

2019 Proposed plan

Almost all the elements are in place. We have made our greatest leaps in presentation every other year. We are very excited at the possibilities.

Inside the temple space in 2017 with Kali Maa as our featured entity.

It all seems less sparkly as it seems in concept. Alas, we are slowly refining each step.

2016 Temple and frontage

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