Camp Fee 411

Our camp fee is $500. If you need a lower rate then you will need to contact the camp leads and have that discussion. If you have an approved low income ticket for 2019 for Burning Man you will automatically be approved for a lower camp fee. In your request please propose what you can do.

If you camped with us before you are likely to be automatically approved if you can pay the camp fee and are in good standing with the camp.

New to Monkey? After you have a successful interview pay the camp fee and you will be confirmed in the Monkey private Facebook group.

Need to make payments? Here is a way to schedule over 3 months with auto deductions.

Or just pay using this block to submit an amount you can manage. In the end the total must come to $515 (or what you are approved for) that includes the paypal fee of 3%.

Finally, if all else you can login to login to at