Camp Fee 411

Our camp fee is $500. If you need a lower rate then you will need to contact the camp leads and have that discussion. If you have an approved low income ticket for 2019 for Burning Man you will automatically be approved for a lower camp fee. In your request please propose what you can do.

If you camped with us before you are likely to be automatically approved if you can pay the camp fee and are in good standing with the camp.

New to Monkey? After you have a successful interview pay the camp fee and you will be confirmed in the Monkey private Facebook group.

Or just pay using this block to submit an amount you can manage. In the end the total must come to $515 (or what you are approved for) that includes the paypal fee of 3%.

Finally, if all else you can login to login to at

Refund and Payment Policy

If you are approved to join camp you must pay your camp fee promptly. You can make payments, but you should have it paid before June 30th entirely. This deadline date is not a chance for you to procrastinate but rather recognize through immediacy and participation understand we have services and infrastructure to manage and we need cash flow to achieve this.

Refund Policy

There will be no refunds after July 1st. If there is something that happens beyond your control you may ask for refund to be considered by the leads team. Even if you are approved for a refund you may not get the full amount right away as we need to make sure funds are available for the full scope of our camp project. We are actively spending on basics needed to make the camp happen.

We will make every effort to make sure you are made whole in accordance with the law and our policy.

Our budget requires we make sure our structures and logistics are able to get back and forth (to and from) Burning Man. We also have to pay for storage for the year. Your investment is to make sure we meet those goals. Our cash flow is spent in that stream so there may be a need for us to fill your place before a refund comes.

Policy updated 5/11/2019 by Scott