Monkey Says! FAQ

1) How much am I expected to participate in the camp activities or camp work? I understand that I need to participate for set up or break down and one meal preparation. What other camp-activities/chores are required (e.g. tea service) – are these chores on a fixed schedule or am I free to sign up for them? Background: I am in conversation with Zendo to volunteer for them during Burning Man and hope to have a compatible land of monkey camp schedule with my volunteering at Zendo.
Answer: If you are working with Zendo on a schedule we can be flexible. We would do the same for Gate, Rangers and others. The web site has a section that talks about commitment, but there are exceptions for people with volunteer roles in the city.
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2) Regarding infrastructure: will I have shade for my tent and my cooler (that is an important question)? Is there a (reasonable) limit on how many showers I can take? What is the lounge space like e.g. is there a space just for camp members, are there couches?
Answer: Shade is first come first serve for camping except for leads. No guarantees on the shade for your tent or the cooler. But you can see the layout on the web site and we can pretty much feel assured everyone will be covered with shade. Showers: do you think a 3 to 5 minute shower once a day is reasonable?

3) Regarding transportation: does the camp fee include my own transportation or transportation of (some of my) stuff? Or would it be possible to get transportation of myself and/or my stuff in return for a fee? (I would love to bring a bike and maybe even a massage table) 
Answer: You need to handle transportation on your own. We are looking at seeing how we can match people up with other people in camp. But not guaranteed. 

4) Regarding location: Is the camp a “placed camp”?  And if yes, what is the address of the camp? What sector is the camp traditionally in?
Answer: We are located at 7:45 & C for 2019

5) How many people do you expect to be in the camp in 2019?
Answer: up to 39ish